My name is Laney Luong. I am a Full Stack Software Engineer. My first experience with coding was from editing the HTML for my profile page on neopets in middle school. Life eventually led me to become a pharmacist, but my interest in coding was reignited through teaching others how to use our electronic medical record system at work. I started off researching coding with some introductory courses and fell in love. The critical thinking required and satisfaction of seeing the product of my work provided a fulfillment I never felt before.

For the past year I have honed my skills with many technologies. I have created projects including a full stack clone ofthe stock trading platform, Robinhood. With a combination of both backend and frontend requirements this project sharpened my skills in Rails, React, Redux, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and CSS. This project also reinforced my ability to learn new technologies quickly. I utilized a real time stock quote API as well as Chart.js to make dynamic graphs with detailed information about transactions and stock prices. Using jQuery I was able to make responsive styling elements that would update the colors based on net gains or losses. With every new technology I learn, I am energized to apply this to another project.

Whether it’s coding or crafting, I have a passion for creating and problem solving. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and amateur woodworking. I often try to find ways to use my own abilities to figure out solutions to problems. My crowning achievement with woodworking was to build a ramp to assist my dog with glaucoma to go up and down the bed. Without the ramp he would often get stuck and have to resort to barking for assistance. Being able to assist with his self-sufficiency and happiness motivates me to look forward to my next project.




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App Academy

Full Stack Web Development

October 2021 - February 2022

16 week intensive coding program

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University of California,
San Francisco

Doctor of Pharmacy

August 2014 - May 2018

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University of California,

Bachelors of Art, Public Health

August 2010 - December 2013